About Spikeomancy...

Concept:  Sindy Todo              Design:  Terese Nielsen

In the early 1800s, steam engines crisscrossed an infant nation.  The newly built railroads rapidly expanded the country westward, giving its citizens the freedom to grow their lives as they discovered endless plains, golden riches, and, in the end, themselves. 

​Spikeomancy echoes these pioneer roots.  Just as the railroads twisted, turned, and meandered, so do our lives.  What direction will your future go?  How do you change paths?  Do you feel stuck or maybe just cautious?  Are you starting something new or releasing the past?  Let your spirit point the way.

You will receive:

  • A genuine reconditioned cast iron railroad spike
  • A unique cog-shaped spinner base
  • An instruction booklet with extended interpretations
  • 17x17" board printed on a 1/8", black-backed, neoprene mat
  • All packaged and shipped in a 4x4" custom-designed tube

It's simple:

Clear your mind and concentrate on your question.

Speak aloud your full name three times.

Using your thumb and index finger at the center of the spike, gently give it a counterclockwise spin.

The spike drives home one of 60 fortunes, visions, or actions arranged like the minutes on a clock.  If the spike lands between numbers, evaluate both meanings.  Straightforward and concise, your answer will be precisely what you need to hear. 


​The board’s quadrants are marked by four railroad signals mirroring four major choices we face in life.  Do we stop what we’re doing, proceed cautiously, begin anew, or leave the past behind us? The right path can now be clear.